Xingtai Xinxiang metal materials Polytron Technologies Inc

1、the enterprise goal: to build high-end metal materials brand.
2、enterprise values: people-oriented, customer-oriented, quality win, profit as the root.
3、the enterprise tenet: sincere service to the community, sincerely to employees.
4、Enterprise spirit:
                         team——Team unity, fraternity.
                        Cooperate——Cooperate with each other.
                         Diligent ——industrious, thrifty and simple.
                         Honesty ——honest and trustworthy.
5、service concept: all for customers, customers are relatives.
6、 the goal: to obey, re implement, good communication, heavy effect.
7、the management concept: the enterprise is based on the staff, the staff to enterprise honor.
8、enterprise style: diligence, solid, standardized, efficient.